Mónika Lakatos is a world-renown figure of Olah Romani culture and a shining star of international world music. As the first singer of Gypsy heritage to ever receive the prestigious WOMEX Artist Award, Mónika is a true ambassador of the Hungarian musical heritage.

Mónika caught the eye of international attention as the singer of Romengo, and as part of her duo with husband Mihály “Mazsi” Rostás. Her debut solo album, Romanimo features slow, heartbreaking hallgato songs and was selected among the top 5 albums of World Music Charts Europe.

Her most recent band, Gypsy Voices shows off the fast pace and pulsating energy of Oláh Romani musical heritage. An elemental rhythm and the chilling harmony of center-stage vocals make Gypsy Voices the most captivating modern Oláh Romani formation.

Just like in Romanimo, Mónika is accompanied by her husband and musical partner, Mihály “Mazsi” Rostás in the Gypsy Voices band as well. Others featured on the album are Róber Lakatos, Ildikó “Kriszti” Balogh, Andrea Balogh, Dzsenifer Rostás, and percussionist Máté A. Kovács who plays the water jug and oral bass, typical instruments of Oláh Romani tradition. Gypsy Voices however is a more fluid formation, so the audience might meet other “gypsy voices” coming to live shows, making every concert a one time experience.
Mónika’s elemental voice and singing style is instantly recognizable – she makes all her songs and melodies her own, be it a sorrowful hallgato, a fast and rhythmic pergető, a folk song, or an original. Mónika is the embodiment of Oláh Romani music and culture – music flows out of her with such ease and authenticity, that it translates flawlessly on any stage of the world, be it in Berlin or Borneo.