Romanimo: Mónika Lakatos & Mihály “Mazsi” Rostás duo

An exceptional talent of authentic Oláh Romani folk, Mónika Lakatos holds an elemental singing voice and performs with deep, intense emotion. At WOMEX15’s Opening Concert a wider professional audience got a glimpse of one of the brightest stars of Gypsy tradition, her band Romengo has been touring abroad ever since.

Mónika’s 2017 solo album Romanimo features slow, heartbreaking hallgato songs with acoustic accompaniment by husband and Romengo founder Mihály “Mazsi” Rostás. The hallgato genre embodies the essence of Oláh Gypsy musical heritage – pain, prayer, passion, these age-old songs paint the portrait of this traditional community. Romanimo was featured on World Music Charts Europe’s list of top 5 albums.

WOMEX15’s Opening Concert

Monika Lakatos – Bruma Maladasma